Maruchan  原裝美國好小子日式拉麵已進口上架銷售,目前有鮮蝦風味、烤雞風味以及墨式酸辣蝦風味三款,其餘風味將陸續進口上架,敬請饕客們踴躍棒場以及期待。


    Product Name : Baby-u(Hummings) sanitary napkin(nighttime)
    Product Description

    Lively and vivid image shows the happy mood of women every day.

    Soft and comfortable visual and touch, and gorgeous colors.

    Product Introduction

    made in China

    Production Technology: South Korea Hummings set up factories in China executive producer.

    Raw ingredients are carefully selected quality, using the highest quality raw materials, finished & raw materials have also passed all the relevant manufacturing country's official inspection and inspection report attached. +