From now on, the company's Taiwan Baby-u "Sanitary Cotton / Pads" series products have been sold in the major drugstores and supermarkets such as Jiama, Meihuatai, etc.!!

Maruchan  America's No. 1 Ramen brand, the original "American Good Kid Japanese Ramen" has been imported and sold on the shelf. Currently, it has a shrimp flavor, roast chicken flavor, and creamy chicken flavor.

Ink and Sour Shrimp Flavored Four Packaging Faces, as well as Qiaoda Cheese Flavor, Chicken Tortilla Flavor, Soy Sauce Flavor, Chicken (Sodium Reduction 25%) Flavor, Mexican Chili Chicken Flavor, etc.

Flavored cup noodles, and a spicy chicken-flavored noodles, please support your friends!

    Product Name : Baby-u(Hummings) natural herbal sanitary napkin(daytime)
    Product Description

    Hummings Chinese herbal formula, more in line with the image of young Oriental women.

    Lively and vivid image shows the happy mood of women every day.

    Soft and comfortable visual and touch, and gorgeous colors.

    Product Introduction

    made in China

    Production Technology: South Korea Hummings set up factories in China executive producer.

    Raw ingredients are carefully selected quality, using the highest quality raw materials, finished & raw materials have also passed all the relevant manufacturing country's official inspection and inspection report attached. +

    The use of cutting-edge new material cotton feeling, prevent the skin from all kinds of problems.

    Herbal natural herbal ingredients, with 99.8% of the strong to taste function (Chinese herbal medicine ingredients: Amagi, Angelica, mint, Cyperus rotundus, Motherwort).

    Herbal ingredients to remove odor.

    Slim, comfortable with a sense.

    Ergonomic design, center thickening.


    1. Please diligently change and keep it clean.

    2. If any abnormalities or physical discomfort occurs during use, please stop using and contact consumer service hotline and consulting experts.

    3. Do not throw the toilet after use.

    4. Due to the risk of suffocation bags, as far as the reach of children can not.

    How to use: Tear off the outer package and stick the padding to the bottom.

    Storage method: Because the product may be dirty and deteriorated, please keep sealed at room temperature.

    Specifications: 24 cm / piece x20 / bag

    Material: Non-woven, plastic waterproof layer, paper absorber, adhesive tape, Chuanxiong, Angelica, mint, wormwood, Motherwort.