From now on, the company's Taiwan Baby-u "Sanitary Cotton / Pads" series products have been sold in the major drugstores and supermarkets such as Jiama, Meihuatai, etc.!!

Maruchan  America's No. 1 Ramen brand, the original "American Good Kid Japanese Ramen" has been imported and sold on the shelf. Currently, it has a shrimp flavor, roast chicken flavor, and creamy chicken flavor.

Ink and Sour Shrimp Flavored Four Packaging Faces, as well as Qiaoda Cheese Flavor, Chicken Tortilla Flavor, Soy Sauce Flavor, Chicken (Sodium Reduction 25%) Flavor, Mexican Chili Chicken Flavor, etc.

Flavored cup noodles, and a spicy chicken-flavored noodles, please support your friends!

Business philosophy:

Since the establishment of the Company since 2016, to international trade as the main business direction, has been looking for national manufacturers with good, engaged in the development of high quality products, and imports back to domestic sales, and sales to other countries; production research and development of high quality products , Domestic sales and export to other countries.

The company would like to comply with the principles of upstream developers and suppliers, products are carefully checked, strict quality control, but also through the production of national and national standards of international safety certification unit qualified, domestic and foreign manufacturers of equipment and manufacturing processes We have the international standard of inspection and certification, we meet the trend of modernization, the most advanced technology and equipment to produce the best products, so that support and care for our consumers can enjoy the use of peace of mind.

Although it is with foreign manufacturers with the import and export business, the company for product quality requirements of the strict, absolutely good brand, high quality manufacturers as the only choice, no retreat of the second practice; quality and bad reputation of the manufacturers, from Do not consider with their cooperation, nor give the opportunity to all the staff uphold the quality of the first policy and our consistent philosophy: quality is the product and career life, to do the best service for consumers, to consumers the most peace of mind, the most Good food quality to enjoy, so that consumers enjoy the fun of eating; the company from beginning to end the idea is to give consumers the highest quality products, so that people do not have to go abroad will be able to enjoy the rest of the world's casual food, so we emphasize the quality , Quality and then quality.

The company will be imported products to the regional distributors, manufacturers, supermarkets, supermarkets and a variety of distributors; and export to foreign traders and manufacturers, sales to local consumers; so the company plays a product Development and quality supervision of the important role.