From now on, the company's Taiwan Baby-u "Sanitary Cotton / Pads" series products have been sold in the major drugstores and supermarkets such as Jiama, Meihuatai, etc.!!

Maruchan  America's No. 1 Ramen brand, the original "American Good Kid Japanese Ramen" has been imported and sold on the shelf. Currently, it has a shrimp flavor, roast chicken flavor, and creamy chicken flavor.

Ink and Sour Shrimp Flavored Four Packaging Faces, as well as Qiaoda Cheese Flavor, Chicken Tortilla Flavor, Soy Sauce Flavor, Chicken (Sodium Reduction 25%) Flavor, Mexican Chili Chicken Flavor, etc.

Flavored cup noodles, and a spicy chicken-flavored noodles, please support your friends!

Hummings Sanitary Napkins

Maruchan Instant noodle of US

NO. Subject Date
1. ISO internationalized multinational hygiene products production 2018-01-12
2. Palace series Chinese medicine sanitary napkin 2018-01-12
3. Palace series Chinese medicine sanitary napkinReelected South Korea's three-year sales champion 2018-01-12
4. My Girl Li Duohai endorsement 2018-01-12